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Mảnh khoan Micro Spot Drill 142° X060A142W010R-NC2032 Nine9

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– How to get better accurate hole position when micro drilling on round bar stock?
– Using X060 micro spot drills can improve hole location and tool life of a deep hole drill or micro drill.



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Nine9 X060 micro spot drill geometries are short to optimize rigidity and accuracy with a point angle to guide micro drill towards the hole’s center line. It produces a consistent surface for micro drill successfully to enter the workpiece especially for round, angled or curved surfaces.

X060 micro spot drill has different coatings, not only can spotting on non-ferrous metal but also spotting for all kinds of steel, cast iron and hardened steel up to 56 HRC

Inserts >>

  • For small spotting.
  • Each insert has 2 cutting edges.
Angle Part No Grade Coating Dmin. Dmax. Tmax. Re Workpiece material
142° X060A142W010R NC2032 TiAIN 0.1mm
P; M; K
Cylindrical Shank
  • Various inserts can fit on the same tool holder.
  • Also using for deburring tool and 30°, 45°, 60° X060 engraving tools.

Nine9 X060 micro spot drill

Part No Insert Size Ød L Shank Screw Key
00-99619-X060-06 X060 series 6mm (0.236”) 40mm (1.575″) Steel NS-22044 0.9Nm NK-T7
00-9619-X060-06L X060 series 6mm (0.236”) 60mm (2.362”) Carbide
00-9619-X060-06LS X060 series 6mm (0.236”) 60mm (2.362″) Steel
00-99619-X060-06XL X060 series 6mm (0.236”) 100mm (3.940″) Carbide
00-99619-X060-08 X060 series 8mm (0.315”) 60mm (2.362″) Steel

Integrated ER16 taper-shank

• An integrated ER taper-shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance. Optimize the rigidity.  Increase tool life.  Better surface finish quality.
• The cutter has minimal assemble parts, changing tool takes just few seconds.
• Perfectly suitable for driven tools and spindles with ER interface of CNC turning centers and swiss type automatic lathes.ERgo ER16 collet & Micro spot drill
Part No Insert Size L
99816-X060 X060 series 22mm ( 0.866″)

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